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I managed to find the video of the Poway Stake Young Men lip syncing “Just The Way You Are”  by Bruno Mars.  This is the video that inspired the Poway Stake Young Women to created the I Need a Hero video which also appears here on One Stop LDS.

The Young Men’s Just the Way You Are video was enjoyed by the Young Women at the Poway Stake Young Women’s Camp in June 2013.  Even as of the end of September, it has less than 1500 hits on YouTube which is dwarfed by the number of hits that I Need a Hero has received.  Why?  Is it because Young Men spend more time on YouTube?  I doubt it.  Maybe it’s because the Young Women’s video is just shared more.

I’d like to change that by asking that if you like this video and the message that the Young Men are trying to get across, please share.  Let’s get these guys the credit they deserve.


I Need a Hero – Poway Stake Young Women

Yesterday I posted Virtue is So Beautiful by the Young Men of Lone Peak Stake.  There is something pretty cool about seeing the youth take the time to put together tributes to others, particularly when it relates to the standards and values we all hold so dear. This music video is performed by the talented […]

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