Christmas Mission

Christmas MissionMy family and I just finished watching “Christmas Mission” and it was every bit as inspiring as I had been told it would be.

I simply had to share it with the OneStopLDS Community.

This LDS film is only a half hour long, so it’s difficult to tell you too much about it without giving away the whole story.  I will tell you that it portrays the true meaning of Christmas as two missionary elders seek out those with whom they can share a Christmas message.

Despite all the apparent decorations of Christmas such as wreaths and tinsel, no-one seems particularly interested in hearing a message about the real reason for Christmas.

It is not until a family witnesses pure service that the magic and miracle of Christmas and the love of Christ Himself touches their hearts.

Put aside half an hour, keep the tissues handy and gather the family around you and let “Christmas Mission” touch your lives, too.